Our Process

We have set out a clear process to control our capacity to provide a realistic market price. Today, Sacelpreciousfarms has a pre-incubation time of 14-30 days to identify and launch an agro project.

Husbandry and Farmland Selection

We identify crops varieties to be cultivated based on season, demand and location. We also do our due diligence on potential yield per hectare, farmland availability and potential partners in terms of farm input providers and mechanization services.

Outgrower Farmers

To keep things organized, we do not work with individual farmers. Instead, once we identify a state or Farm settlement location, we reach out to the cluster farmers association or village head to help us identify experienced and committed farmers.

Agro Inputs

We then provide input in form of improved seedling varieties, Quality planting materials, Agribusiness training on modern farming techniques and mechanized tools to the farmers. We also assign an agric extension agent to each Farm settlement location.

Off-takers Market

We source ready buyers for the outgrower farmers which makes their work easier. We want them to concentrate on farming and not having to worry about selling the farm produce after harvest. This will help prevent them from being exploited or underpriced such that they do not sell their produce at unprofitable price margins.
Farm Sponsor Unified Process

Digital Platform

Sacelpreciousfarms provides a secure platform for all Nigerians interested in agriculture to participate in Agriculture by selecting the kind of farms and agro project they want to sponsor.

Agro project Selection

Once an individual signs up on our platform by creating an account, they can select the farm or project units they want to sponsor, subject to availability.

Sponsor an Agro project

We use the sponsor's funds to secure the farmland, engage the farmer, plant the seedling, insure the farmers and farm produce complete the full farming cycle, and cover the logistics to sell the harvest.


While this farm process is ongoing, the farm sponsors are able to keep track of the full-cycle by getting updates in text, pictures and videos from their dashboard via the website or the Sacelpreciousfarms social media handles. Farm sponsors can also request to go on farm tour so they can speak with the Outgrower farmers and see how the farms are doing.

Return After Harvest

At the end of the farm cycle, we pay and then pay the Farm or project Sponsor their initial sponsorship and a return on their sponsorship.