The Center of Productive Agribusiness Farmers Academy (PAFA) Is a Practical Training and Capacity Building division of Sacelprecious Farms Limited.

In this Agriculture and Agribusiness Requires much more for investors and new entrants to succeed. With parameters such as; Site selection, Soil Fertility, Choice of location, Agro chemicals' usage and guidelines, feeds' formulation, Quality determinations, Pricing, Access to market, Packaging etc being key ingredients for optimum food production, livestock growth and commodities' Export pricing as the case may be, prospective investors need appropriate and adequate training before testing the waters of Agro business.

At Productive Agribusiness Farmers Academy we offer quality, custom and practical oriented Farmers training in the following areas for prospective participants;

  • Agro Commodities Investment Trading (Banana Fruits, Plantain Fruits, Egusi melon and Fluted pumpkin leaf etc)
  • Foodstuff Supply and Export(Banana Fruits, Plantain Fruits, Egusi melon and Fluted pumpkin leaf etc)
  • Banana, Plantain, Egusi Melon and Fluted pumpkin Farming Set up
  • Seedling Production Farming (Suckers & Plantlets)

We also offer custom and specific Agribusiness training for farmers in crops production; such as;

  • Herbicide Applications and Guideline
  • Irrigation Operations and Management
  • Farm Operation and Management
  • Produce Marketing
  • Produce Quality Standardization

All our training comes in the following module;

  • At the Farm
  • One – On – One (At our offices or investor's preferred location)
  • Online delivery
  • General Workshops, Seminars and EXPO

To request for training and make enquiry on training, contact:

Call: 08033923458